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  • 27 January 2023
    Jutlandia Cup 2024 Mark your calendar on the 14-20 July 2024

We start in 100 days

Jutlandia Cup 2024


Jutlandia Cup 2024

Jutlandia Cup 2024 has the pleasure of hosting the week competition.

Date:Sunday 14th July to Saturday 20th July, which as in previous years will be a day of rest on Wednesday.
Venue:The event takes place on large football fields at Veldtofte Idrætspark.
Sportsvej 17-19
6705 Esbjerg Ø
Committee:This year the Jutlandia Cup committee consists of:
Hans Peter Dinesen & Eva Dinesen
Helle Rask & Allan Hansen
Wickie Mejdahl & Jens Dixen Mejdahl
Jesper Vind Jensen
Booth rental:Do you or do you know anyone who would like to have a booth at Jutlandia Cup?
Contact Wickie wickie.mejdahl@gmail.com


Course walk:8 minutes are set aside per. course walk.
Larger classes have multiple course walks.

The catalog contains an overview for each day of all the trials.
The overview shows when and for which start numbers there is a course walks.

After the 1st course walk, the 4 teams who starts must be ready in the starting area. Their course walk is with the previous group.
As the program is tight, we recommend that the dog handler has warmed up his dog and is ready in the starting area , so that the ring steward always has 5 dogs ready.


Maximum 5 runs per person per day

  • Sunday: Agility1-3 Jumping1-3, Agility-Open
  • Monday: Agility1-3 Jumping1-3, Jumping-Open
  • Tuesday: Agility1-3 Jumping1-3, Agility-Open
  • Wednesday: day of rest
  • Thursday: Agility1-3 Jumping1-3, Jumping-Open
  • Friday: Agility1-3 Jumping1-3, Agility-Open
  • Saturday: Agility1-3, Jumping-Open, Final
Dog walking:There are good opportunities to walk your dog, among other things there are football fields and a forest close by, but remember poop bags - it's important to pick up everywhere .
Bitches in heat:Bitches in heat run in the same order they normally would. Jutlandia Cup hands out a red ribbon which must be tied on the dog's line. It is the responsibility of the handler to show due consideration to other participants.

With the exception of senior dog and junior handlers, everyone can qualify for Saturday's finals. There are finals for respectively small, medium, intermediate og large dogs.
Qualification takes place in the open classes.

Prize giving:Shortly after the last trial of the day, trophies, medals, gift cards, sponsorship gifts, etc. are awarded. below the Secretariat.
It will be possible to celebrate your own and others' results with beer and water, which are sold on site.
If you have never participated in the Jutlandia Cup awards ceremony, you really have something to look forward to.
Judges:Thomas Juréhn (SE)
Arlette Pusch (DE)
Lars Bang (DK)
Morten Juhl Hansen (DK)
Rene Blank (DE)
Sibylle Vogt (DE)
Gert Bruus (DK)
Tom Mercebach (DK)
Esa Muotka (FI)
Tobias Sjöberg (SE)
Daniel Elling Eichler (DK)
Nina Hansen (NO)
Bonnik Berthelsen (DK)
Camping:Opens on Friday 13 July at 15:00
Cash settlement on arrival.
Event Manager:Hans Peter Dinesen
Remember to bring:Result book, vaccination certificate, insurance documents.
Event program:The event program will be available at Agilityevents

The area of Jutlandia Cup